About Us

The vision and goal of Medifast Health is to be a website that provides the public with valid health information, diet tips and tricks, workout plans and suggestions, the occasional recipe and some killer Medifast coupons to save people money on an amazing weight loss program.

Our writers are all handpicked based on their own personal Medifast success stories and how well they have maintained their healthy lifestyles and exercise routines over the years. We attempted to chose writers for our blog who were real people with genuine families who do more writing on the side because they want to help others instead of the standard professional authors you see on most internet pages who are writing pretty words about things they haven’t lived, haven’t done themselves or don’t even truly know anything about.

Coupons for Medifast that are offered on Medifast Health are tested and updated regularly to ensure that you have the very best options available to you every month to keep your diet affordable. Our developers also spend countless hours working and striving to make our coupons as simple to use as possible. All in all, in everything we do we ultimately desire to offer the best of everything that we do.

We hope that you enjoy any amount of time that you spend here with us. Please make full use of the comment sections below ever blog post. Our writers love to hear both positive and negative feedback. Hearing someone talk about how well they have done based on some form of advice they gave is the best form of encouragement available for their personal lives and for their writing. Reading how something didn’t work helps them brainstorm new methods and ideas as well as to come up with something better in the future.

In closing, relax, stay a while and take a look around. We can guarantee that there is something for everyone who needs a little help with weight loss or just getting into a lifestyle that will keep them alive for years to come.

Thank you for visiting! -The Medifast Health Team