How Much Does Medifast Cost?

Thanks to the many Medifast packages currently offered, you are sure to find one that meets your nutritional needs at a price you love. The low calorie meals included in each package fit into the 5 & 1 plan developed by this company to help you lose weight and keep it off. Choose from two or four week meal plans or buy each meal separately. It’s all up to you. These meals are very convenient so you need to factor this into the cost also.

Four week meal plans include the Variety 4-Week Package, the Gluten-Free Variety 4-Week Package and the Diabetes 4-Week Package. Each package costs $315 and has 143 servings per kit so you get 28 days worth of meals plus three additional servings. Keep them for yourself or share with a friend so they can try the Medifast meal plan. Each meal works out to approximately $2.25. Those who wish to have supplements added to their meal plan should choose the Variety 4-Week Package w/Omega. This package currently runs $339.95 which works out to approximately $2.43 a meal.

Two week packages are also available. Three packages are offered here. Choose from the Variety 2-Week Package, the Gluten-Free Variety 2-Week Package or the Diabetes 2-Week Package. Each package costs $162.50 and comes with 70 servings. The cost of a meal under this plan is $2.32. One thing you need to consider when looking at the cost of these plans is the money you will save in terms of health care costs. Carrying excess weight negatively affects your health. When you drop these extra pounds, your health improves and your health care costs should go down.

If you are looking to save money on Medifast, there ar e many ways to do so. Take advantage of last chance! offers or try one of the many promotions being run at any given time. Make use of coupons that are offered periodically and purchase a meal plan rather than buying your meals individually. All will save you money while allowing you to stay with the meal plan that actually works. Compare this with the high costs of poor eating patterns in the United States and you will see it is a great deal.

Medifast Advantage is a helpful program you can join. When you become a member, standard shipping is free and 56 Medifast meals are delivered to you at no additional charge. A free BlenderBottle will be sent to you and access to the free online meal planner is yours. Many choose to go this route. Sign up today and get these savings for yourself. You’ll love how you look when you see how much weight you lose and you’ll save money while doing so.