Diabetes Health from Medifast


Medifast recognizes the twin problems that overweight Type II diabetics face: losing the fat and controlling blood sugar levels. That’s why Medifast created a special set of meals that will ensure that you can lose the weight without risking wild swings in your blood glucose. Medifast has also been participating in trials targeting diabetics. The PLUS for diabetes health shakes shave a few grams of carbs off the standard Medifast shakes and add a few more grams of protein (as… Read More >

Diabetes from Drinking Tap Water


Most of us consider Type 2 diabetes a disease that is caused by bad eating habits and a lack of exercise.  Researchers are now looking at environmental factors to determine if they can contribute to the development of the disease. Drinking water and pesticides are among the factors being considered and some are suspicious that you can get diabetes from drinking tap water. How safe is your water? You may know that arsenic occurs naturally in the environment. It is created when minerals from… Read More >

Diabetic Fast Food Tips When Out with Friends

Diabetes Tips

Eating a healthy diet on the go is a challenge for everyone, but for diabetics it can be especially trying. Even more so when your friends inadvertently sabotage your diet. It may seem to diabetics that eating at home is an easier option, that isn’t always possible. While many restaurants options are not great choices we are lucky to live in a time where they are offering more healthier choices, making it easier for diabetics and the health conscience to eat on… Read More >