Diabetes Health from Medifast

Medifast recognizes the twin problems that overweight Type II diabetics face: losing the fat and controlling blood sugar levels. That’s why Medifast created a special set of meals that will ensure that you can lose the weight without risking wild swings in your blood glucose. Medifast has also been participating in trials targeting diabetics.

The PLUS for diabetes health shakes shave a few grams of carbs off the standard Medifast shakes and add a few more grams of protein (as compared to the protein content in the women’s shakes. Less carbs means less spiking in your blood sugar while more protein means better moderation of the sugar that enters your bloodstream after digestion. You can get these shakes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

The Diabetes 2-Week and 4-Week packages are collections of Medifast products that are more sensitive to those women and men who need to avoid hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic conditions. With the exception of the shakes, the products are standard Medifast items that are in the Medifast for Women and Medifast for Men packages. While both packages include shakes, bars, oatmeal and soup, the 4-week package adds more variety with the cranberry mango fruit drink.

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A 2005 study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that the Medifast diet for diabetics enabled more people to lose more weight over people on the a standard American Dietary Association diet. Additionally, 24 percent of the Medifast users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication, compared to 0 percent on the standard ADA diet. Diabetics will gain the most from focusing on their diet.

About the Author

A grandmother and mother of three, Sharon Martin has struggled with her weight and high cholesterol most of her life, until she switched doctors and her new doctor suggested she try Medifast. Her transformation started that day. Through the Medifast diet she not only lost the weight, but her cholesterol dropped to below 200 for the first time in her life. "Medifast not only changed me, I believe it saved me. I will share my story and help others so they can feel as good as I do. It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is, but it was so worth it as I get to see my grandchildren grow up." Sharon is a retired school teacher and lives in upper-state Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves to hear and share stories about how others have made changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives.