This Cardio Workout Plan Will Fit Your Life!

Which cardio workout plan is right for you?

Have you considered adding a cardio workout plan to your life, but get overwhelmed by the options?  It’s hard to know which cardio exercise is best, especially if you are concerned about calorie burns and if you have injuries to work around. Our reviews of typical cardio workouts below will help you decide.  Just an FYI: the calorie counts are based on a person in decent shape that weighs about 160 pounds. Cardio Workout Plans Running Running is one of… Read More >

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga or Pilates? How Do You Choose?

In my pre-fitness years, I assumed that Yoga and Pilates were basically the same thing. It was my thought that they were both low-intensity lengthening workouts that focus on your breathing. The classes looked similar, with everyone yielding a mat and even going barefoot. It wasn’t until I really started researching that I discovered there are many differences between yoga and Pilates. In reality, Yoga and Pilates are very different practices with differing health benefits. The Basics Yoga seeks to… Read More >

Get Kids To Exercise With A Wide Variety of Activities

Swimming is a great exercise for kids

Having a child who is overweight or headed in that direction can be terrifying for a parent. We tend to think that if we limit what our kids eat as far a sugars, salts and fast food goes that we are doing our very best to help them, unfortunately this is not enough. Kids today have access to so much media and forms of entertainment that do not require them to do anything physical at all. Keep cutting out the junk food but… Read More >