You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat.

When it comes to eating, sometimes we make poor choices without even realizing it. My granddaughter made the above comment over the weekend. We were out on a family outing and she had brought one of her friends with her. When I asked where they would like to eat, her friend shouted out a popular fast food restaurant. My granddaughter, with no coaxing from me, said proudly, “You are what you eat!” Even though she spoke with confidence, her friend… Read More >

Sugar Substitutes and Weight Loss: Is Diet Better?

Sugar Substitutes and Weight Loss

When you are looking to cut calories from your diet, switching from regular to diet soda seems to be a smart choice, considering the fact that most regular versions of soda have over 100 calories per serving.   Recent studies and research have shown however, that while sugar substitutes may help a person lose weight in the short term because of reduced caloric intake, but they are actually working against weight loss in the long run. When your body consumes… Read More >

Gluten Free Diet from Medifast

Gluten Free

In recent years many people have found that they are sensitive to products that contain gluten. This can make finding an effective and healthy plan to lose weight very difficult. The Medifast Gluten Free diet is designed for individuals with this sensitivity and is focused on helping you achieve and maintain your goal weight more easily. In general, people who suffer from celiac disease, less severe gluten reactions, or wheat allergies find that maintaining a healthy diet is very difficult…. Read More >

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

These Gadgets Are Must Haves For Your Kitchen

If you take a quick stroll through the housewares aisle of your favorite department store, you’ll see a wide variety of kitchen appliances, most of which promise to make your time in the kitchen easier and your meal healthier. But how do you know? Read my reviews below (based on my own culinary experiences) to see the kitchen gadgets I can’t live without, plus which ones didn’t work out so well. Top 3 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Mini Food Processor: This kitchen… Read More >

Change Your Diet by Using Beans

Soybeans and black beans in wooden spoons

Buying lean or organic meats as your main source of protein can be expensive as well as a hassle. Working to change your diet up and incorporate new things is essential to weight loss success. It keeps the flavors new as well as gives you the opportunity to open your mind and stomach up to healthier options. Beans can be a fantastic solution to either one of these dieting issues. There are so many different beans to choose from. Soybeans, lima beans,… Read More >

Health Benefits of Onions, Past and Present

Onions are healing foods.

With ever increasing medical costs, sometimes it’s good to know we have natural medicines right in our own refrigerators. Great on a hamburger, onions have a wide array of medical benefits too. Onions were used by early American colonists to treat a host of ailments including colds, coughs and bacterial infections. These same settlers also used it ward off insects. Ancient Chinese medicine took advantage of the onion’s healing power, using them to treat angina, coughs, breathing issues and bacterial… Read More >

The Benefits of Red Wine May Not Be In The Alcohol

Nonalcoholic Red Wine is Good For You Too

While red wine benefits have long been heralded for their ability to help ward off heart disease, new studies now suggest that the reason for their powers has nothing to do with the alcohol in the wine, after all. Doctors have never suggested red wine for the nondrinker and only recommended it for the existing red wine drinker in moderation. But a new study out of Spain indicates that the real hero of hearts is found in the grape, not… Read More >

The Untold Truth About Girl Scout Cookies

CT  ct-cookies-0126 red

I have always been a sucker for Girl Scout Cookies. Even if they weren’t so tasty, I would want to buy them because of the organization that they help support. A word of caution to those of you worried about your health, however. Girl Scout cookies may be worse for your diet than you imagine. Now before you read further, you should know that I am not anti-cookie. I encourage my clients to have an occasional treat. It keeps you from falling off… Read More >

Herbal Tea To The Rescue Tonight!

Herbal Tea for Relaxation and More.

Stress is something that we all deal with to some degree. For some, ending the day with a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage helps to defog the brain from a day of meetings, kids and other forms of stress. Daily use of alcohol can create dependence and even weight gain over time. Consider ending your next stressful day with a cup of herbal tea instead. In addition to relieving stress, herbal teas provide relief from a large variety… Read More >