Change Your Diet by Using Beans

Soybeans and black beans in wooden spoonsBuying lean or organic meats as your main source of protein can be expensive as well as a hassle. Working to change your diet up and incorporate new things is essential to weight loss success. It keeps the flavors new as well as gives you the opportunity to open your mind and stomach up to healthier options. Beans can be a fantastic solution to either one of these dieting issues.

There are so many different beans to choose from. Soybeans, lima beans, black beans, white beans, navy beans, and the list goes on. Almost all beans can be bought in bulk dry, which is super cheap and easy to store. Canned beans are not quite as good for you as cooking dried ones, but they remain an awesome healthier option for you either way, and the convenience of having the cans can be worth it the small difference in nutrition.

These wonderful, natural, plant-based foods can be used in or added to almost any recipe and can even be used as a healthy substitution in ways you would never expect. Try making brownies with black beans instead of eggs and oil. All you have to do it buy regular boxed brownies and follow the instructions except you add beans in place of the fatty oils and eggs. While the brownies still can’t be considered a healthy desert, making substitutions like this can help you while you work on cutting certain things out of your diet.

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Try making homemade hummus out of soybeans for a colorful, fun appetizer at a dinner party. Use beans as a protein packet garnish for your salad or as the filler for tacos instead of meat. The types, flavors, health benefits and options for recopies are almost endless when it comes to beans.

About the Author

Steven Matthews grew up in a Southern family, food was always a source of comfort and love for him. As a result, much of Steven's family has suffered from weight related health issues. He lost his father due to complications with hypertension. He was only 48. Soon after, Matthew's mother had her right foot amputated due to diabetes. Since then, Steven has worked to create awareness in others on how to avoid these tragic diseases. He still loves good food, and spends a lot of time creating new recipes to continue the tradition of showing love through family meals... without the negative health effects. Steven resides in Buckhead, Georgia, located just outside of Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.