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In recent years many people have found that they are sensitive to products that contain gluten. This can make finding an effective and healthy plan to lose weight very difficult. The Medifast Gluten Free diet is designed for individuals with this sensitivity and is focused on helping you achieve and maintain your goal weight more easily.

In general, people who suffer from celiac disease, less severe gluten reactions, or wheat allergies find that maintaining a healthy diet is very difficult. The effects of a standard diet can create weight gain or illnesses such as loss of energy, depression, and lethargy. When the team at Medifast developed the meal plans for this program, the needs of individuals with unique dietary requirements were their primary focus.

The team worked closely with the GFCO to ensure that the products used in the meal plans were gluten free. Individuals receiving the meals are able to easily identify the GF label on each product and meal so that there is no need to worry about adverse reactions to the products.

A complete line of both individual products and meals are certified for the program. The plan is designed to increase energy and reduce hunger through a comprehensive scheduled diet. Individuals eat six times each day with five of the meals provided by Medifast. They are packaged so that a person can easily transport their meals to their job or on vacation.

Participants are also provided with a complete support system and are taught the steps and techniques for maintaining their healthy weight once they have achieved their goal. It is not necessary to worry about calories or nutrition when participating in the program since the meals and snacks are prepared to increase your metabolic rate and are carefully prepared to assure that the specific needs of the participant are adhered to.

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The sixth daily meal gives participants the opportunity to add variety to their diet. This “Lean & Green” meal gives participants a break from the prepared foods and helps to maintain the commitment to the program. A guide is provided that outlines the healthy foods that you can include in your meal without exceeding your caloric intake. Participants receive regular updates that include advice, information and tips for staying healthy and maintaining weight after the weight goal has been achieved.

Once a person has removed foods from the diet that cause sensitivity, it is often found that energy levels increase and there is greater stamina. As the body begins to heal and regenerate, exercise becomes easier and weight or allergy related depression is alleviated. Food sensitivities can create many symptoms that restrict an individual’s enjoyment of daily activities. When an individual is not aware of the ingredients of the foods that are being eaten, there may often be a feeling of lethargy or bloat.

Through the Medifast Gluten Free diet, the body will begin a safe, effective, and healthy healing process that will help to achieve the goal of a more active lifestyle and weight loss. When an individual has questions or concerns about products or meal plans, helpful representatives are available who are knowledgeable in each of the meal programs available and the most effective ways to take advantage of the benefits of the program that is selected.

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