Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

These Gadgets Are Must Haves For Your KitchenIf you take a quick stroll through the housewares aisle of your favorite department store, you’ll see a wide variety of kitchen appliances, most of which promise to make your time in the kitchen easier and your meal healthier. But how do you know? Read my reviews below (based on my own culinary experiences) to see the kitchen gadgets I can’t live without, plus which ones didn’t work out so well.

Top 3 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Mini Food Processor: This kitchen gadget is one of my favorites and is almost always on my counter top. Whipping up a healthy, homemade salad dressing or marinade is one of the main things that I use my mini food processor for, but that isn’t all it can do. Throw in some onion, cilantro, a couple of grape tomatoes and an avocado and you have a great guacamole in only seconds. You can also easily chop nuts, making our next item one that is not necessary in the kitchen. Buy it here.

Immersion Blender: This is another stand by in my kitchen. I love my immersion/stick blender. You can make silky smooth soups in one pot. No need to transfer ladle after ladle into a blender. Most of them also come with a whisk attachment. Buy it here.

Top 3 To Leave On The Shelf

Butter Cutter: This is one of those items with good intentions but is just really not necessary. I have never had difficulty cutting butter or margarine, and I am not so concerned about my calorie intake that I need something to cut my butter into slivers for me. If I want to save the calories, I’ll just skip the butter. One word… gimmicky.

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Slap Chop: This item is completely redundant in the kitchen. It doesn’t really chop from my experience. I tested it with onions and herbs, and they ended up looking as if they had been mashed. When it comes to chopping nuts, its performance is lackluster as well, pounding it to fine grit or leaving large chunks behind. This tool does not produce consistent results so use a good chef’s knife or a mini food processor.

George Foreman Grill: The counter top grill is a nice idea in theory, but in actual practice it just doesn’t work. When using it, I never quite knew when my meat was cooked all the way through which usually ended up having a good bit of charring on it. It is also not convenient for much of anything else. If you try grilling veggies you have to make sure they are uniform in size, or they won’t get cooked on both sides. Another down side I found was the mess, you have to make sure the drip tray is in the right spot to catch the grease and hopefully you don’t knock it over. If you truly want to grill in your kitchen, invest in a nice grill pan. The grease will drip away into the grooves of the pan as well, and it is much more versatile.

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