You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat.When it comes to eating, sometimes we make poor choices without even realizing it. My granddaughter made the above comment over the weekend. We were out on a family outing and she had brought one of her friends with her. When I asked where they would like to eat, her friend shouted out a popular fast food restaurant. My granddaughter, with no coaxing from me, said proudly, “You are what you eat!” Even though she spoke with confidence, her friend didn’t understand and had a very confused look on her face. My granddaughter folded her arms and said, “You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy and fake. Let’s get good food, we’ll feel better too.”

We had a splendid lunch at a local cafe who served organically grown produce. Her friend was skeptical going in, but was a believer coming out. She could feel the difference – even hours afterwards. That is the real key – how you feel hours later. It is obvious my granddaughter has picked up what I have said over the years and she has turned it into a lifestyle. It isn’t hard for her, because she learned at an early age what we choose to eat is how our bodies will function. Just like a car engine. Give it cheap, bad gas and it will be sluggish. The same is true with food.

The Medifast Diet focuses on giving you all the nutrition you need throughout the day, but, with the Lean and Green Meal for dinner, it is up to you to cook well and keep within the guidelines. Retraining your brain so to speak. We can’t have the focus of my granddaughter as she has not had years and years of eating poorly. It does take dedication to change eating habits. But the one key factor is to always remember that making a fast, cheap and easy choice, is not the right one as we would never describe ourselves that way.

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About the Author

A grandmother and mother of three, Sharon Martin has struggled with her weight and high cholesterol most of her life, until she switched doctors and her new doctor suggested she try Medifast. Her transformation started that day. Through the Medifast diet she not only lost the weight, but her cholesterol dropped to below 200 for the first time in her life. "Medifast not only changed me, I believe it saved me. I will share my story and help others so they can feel as good as I do. It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is, but it was so worth it as I get to see my grandchildren grow up." Sharon is a retired school teacher and lives in upper-state Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves to hear and share stories about how others have made changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives.