Resisting Temptation on the Medifast Diet

Resisting temptation of deserts

For me, the worst part of losing weight was resisting temptation. Not from extra helpings, or fast food, but deserts. Those were the killers for me. It was amazing too. I would be good all week and exercising and things would start to improve on my body and I would cave and have a treat…and it was like I didn’t do anything all week. All my progress – the hard work – was all gone…in just a matter of minutes!… Read More >

A Classic Workout For Your Brain


Do you have a “brain game” on at least one of your electronic devices? Most of us do. Studies have shown for years that video games improve hand-eye coordination and increase our mental capacities but do video games give the same results as playing a sport? Or taking a walk? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good game of Sudoku as much as the next gal, but I often wonder if I’m really helping my brain enough when playing…. Read More >

Late Night Snacks that You Won’t Regret!


Due to our work schedules my husband and I often find it difficult to squeeze in a workout before 7pm. Our favorite form of exercise happens to be taking long walks around our city. The issue with this plan is that we don’t get home until 8 or maybe even 9 at night depending on how far we decided to go, and we tend to come home hungry. While we know that eating past 7pm is not good for us,… Read More >

The Next Generation Starts to Do Something


From the economy to obesity, there are infinitely many subjects about which to worry for ourselves, to say nothing of what we worry about for our kids.  As a parent, worrying is a duty, a responsibility of being so. And there are too many worry-worthy subjects to enumerate. While the art of worrying is a skill at which every parent must become adept, the skill of being hopeful and optimistic about the future is also a noble pursuit; and while… Read More >

You Are In Control


Having a workout partner, a running buddy, a spouse or friend on the same diet with you or just someone to motivate you to get skinny and in shape is great, but you can never fully rely on someone else to get your body to the healthy state it should be. You have to be willing to fight for it all on your own. If you do not have this personal determination in your life it won’t matter if you… Read More >

Labor Free September Medifast Coupon Codes

Beautiful red-haired girl at grass

Celebrate having a labor free diet routine on Labory Day weekend with September Medifast Coupon Codes from Medifast Health. Beach season is officially over as of tomorrow, so it’s back to fast food to accommodate busy back-to-school fall schedules right? No! We beg you to not let yourself fall into that trap! Don’t pack on the pounds as you pack up the bathing suits. The best way to counter the post summer blues and over eating temptations is to go… Read More >

An Insomnia Cure From Your Kitchen

Cure Your Insomnia

Did you know that getting or not getting your seven to eight hours of sleep each night can effect your weight loss and stress management? On the flip side, did you know that not eating and exercising right can result in insomnia and other sleep issues? Most of us know that we need to avoid sugary foods and caffeine before bedtime but what you most likely didn’t know is that there are foods and drinks you can and probably should have… Read More >

Overweight Teens Eat Less


For the past two decades, the number of obese children and teens has continued to rise to such proportions that even First Lady Michelle Obama has made the issue one of her personal pet projects. However, new insight from a study conducted by the University of North Carolina validates a feeling teens have suspected all along: an overweight teen eats fewer calories, than does his healthy weight counterpart. The study, published in the September 10th’s Pediatrics journal, explored a comparison of boys… Read More >

Old Habits Diet Hard


Have you ever heard the classic saying “Old Habits Die Hard”? I was thinking about it the other day and was contemplating how I could change my life based on just those four simple words. As I thought about it, inspiration hit me, and I decided to paint a new canvas to hang in my kitchen. My artwork above the stove now reads “Old Habits Diet Hard”. “Old Habits Diet Hard”? What does that mean? In the simplest terms, it… Read More >

The Importance Of Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes

Carbohydrate Active Enzymes

Carbohydrates are the molecules which store necessary sources of energy. Its metabolism and the facilitation of specific enzymatic activity in transforming sugars are important for all life forms. An entire grouping of these essential, structurally related enzymes enable the modification, creation, and the degradation of glycosidic bonds. These carbohydrate-active enzymes consist of a sequence of related families including glycoside hydrolases, glycosyltransferases, polysaccharide lyases, and esterases. Various molecules can be glycosylated from sugars into proteins, antibiotics, or fats and with the… Read More >