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The Medifast diet is one centered on total body health. As such, antioxidant consumption is strongly recommended as part of your weight loss plan and, really, your life plan. One of the most striking differences between the Medifast diet plan and other fad diets is the strong emphasis on total health. As you build your meal plan, be sure to include the Medifast antioxidant products.

Antioxidants are exactly what they sound like: Agents that prevent oxidation. Oxidation, as it relates to your health, is the production of harmful by-products as your cells consume oxygen. These potentially harmful waste products, often called free radicals, are thought to be a major contributing cause to many harmful conditions like heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants, which are naturally occurring nutrients found in many of the healthiest foods, are thought to significantly reduce the ability of free radicals to damage your cells; frequent consumption of antioxidant rich foods, then, are thought to significantly reduce a person’s tendency to develop disease. Medifast has two different antioxidant rich products from which to choose: Essential1 Antioxidant Flavor Infusers and Essential1 Antioxidant Shakes.

The Medifast program encourages you to drink as many calorie free beverages as you like in a day. Water is always an excellent choice-especially if you are grabbing a water bottle rather than a bag of chips or a full sugar soda. But sometimes water is not enough. This is a great time to both satisfy your thirst and pack in some healthy antioxidants with the Medifast Essential1 Antioxidants flavor infusers. These deliciously flavored packets can simply be added to a bottle of water. On the Medifast diet, at least initially, you are directed to avoid fruits. These antioxidant rich flavor infusers can help you garnish some of those powerfully healthy vitamins and minerals while also adding a bit of fun to your water.

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In addition to the flavor infusers, Medifast also carries antioxidant rich specialty shakes, Essential1 antioxidant shakes. These are meal replacement shakes that come in three deliciously satisfying flavors-cherry pomegranate, dark chocolate and blueberry. With only 90 calories, and 14 grams of protein, these antioxidant rich shakes will leave you feeling full and satisfied-while simultaneously helping your prevent disease.

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A grandmother and mother of three, Sharon Martin has struggled with her weight and high cholesterol most of her life, until she switched doctors and her new doctor suggested she try Medifast. Her transformation started that day. Through the Medifast diet she not only lost the weight, but her cholesterol dropped to below 200 for the first time in her life. "Medifast not only changed me, I believe it saved me. I will share my story and help others so they can feel as good as I do. It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is, but it was so worth it as I get to see my grandchildren grow up." Sharon is a retired school teacher and lives in upper-state Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves to hear and share stories about how others have made changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives.