The Next Generation Starts to Do Something


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From the economy to obesity, there are infinitely many subjects about which to worry for ourselves, to say nothing of what we worry about for our kids.  As a parent, worrying is a duty, a responsibility of being so. And there are too many worry-worthy subjects to enumerate.

While the art of worrying is a skill at which every parent must become adept, the skill of being hopeful and optimistic about the future is also a noble pursuit; and while there is much about which to legitimately worry, there are also many reasons to be hopeful about our upcoming generation.

Do Something is an organization, one of the largest volunteer organizations in the United States, determined to not only encourage young adults to believe in this principle, but to act on it.  “How?” you might ask.  By doing something-duh.  This service organization exists to give teenagers early exposure to a culture of volunteerism; their goal is to recruit two million young adults to, literally, do something (meaning volunteer work of some kind) by 2011.   In fact, figuring out the “something” is inherent in the doing.   And the organization’s astute use of internet and social media helps to incorporate classic concepts of compassion and outreach with modern forms of communication.

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Whether it is health promotion or environmental awareness creating, Do Something is making a difference in the lives of the young adults it encourages as well as the beneficiaries of their service. Medifast Health supports both the organization and the underlying principle.

About the Author

Jennifer Nelson is a former fitness coach, but after she had her twin daughters, her days changed drastically and she had trouble retaining her healthy lifestyle. She got her wake up call at 220 pounds, when realized that if she didn't make a change, she wouldn't be able to teach her daughters how to live healthy. Jennifer shares insights on how to make time for exercise and healthy living. Her no-nonsense approach strips conventional thinking with an easy to follow regimen of healthy eating and moderate exercise. “You can’t have a healthy body by feeding it garbage and sitting on the couch,” says Nelson, “but you don’t need to be a gym rat either. I share how to achieve the balance you want.” Nelson currently resides in Sacramento, California with her husband and three children.