Foods to Eat After Working Out


What is the best meal after a workout?

Whether you are on the Medifast diet or not, one of the biggest questions is what is the right foods to eat after you exercise to get the biggest benefit? It’s time to stop listening to all the rumors and listen to science about what is best for you to eat after working out.

There was a small study done at Colorado State University. How small? 16 adults ages 37 to 64 who did practically nothing. Yes, the typical couch potatoes. They were given the task of 45 minutes of aerobic activity, same level intensity, just three times a week over a six week period. Then, after the 45 minutes, half the participants were given a drink high in protein and carbs, and the other half just did a drink with carbs. They did the same drink over the six week period.

Did the protein drink offer any advantage? Yes it did in the area of boosting the intake of oxygen, which is pretty important. It’s pretty simple, the more oxygen your body uses, the stronger your cardiovascular system is and the more endurance you have to complete the aerobic workout – even on higher intensities than you might be used to. Benjamin Miller, PhD, who was the lead researcher on the project, explained how the protein drink increases the oxygen volume. It increases the manufacturing of proteins in the the cells that produce energy, otherwise referred to as mitochondria.

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What all the participants gained was new DNA to their muscles. That’s one of the biggest benefits to exercise. This was an incredible discovery and one that Dr. Miller was most proud of because it shows that exercise assists the body repair old damaged DNA. This can serve as proof that exercise can reverse the aging process.

Instead of looking at protein to build muscle, instead, look at it as a way for your body use oxygen more powerfully and generate new DNA for cell repair in your body. Exercise does a body good and now we have the study to back it.

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