Labor Free September Medifast Coupon Codes

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Celebrate having a labor free diet routine on Labory Day weekend with September Medifast Coupon Codes from Medifast Health. Beach season is officially over as of tomorrow, so it’s back to fast food to accommodate busy back-to-school fall schedules right? No! We beg you to not let yourself fall into that trap! Don’t pack on the pounds as you pack up the bathing suits.

The best way to counter the post summer blues and over eating temptations is to go put on the smallest pair of jeans you own and the tightest T-shirt you can find. Take out your cell phone and without posing take pictures of yourself in the mirror. If you would use one of these photos as your Facebook profile picture then you are doing awesome and should be encouraged to stay where you are at or lose a little bit more. Most of us though are going to want to delete those pictures as fast as humanly possible aren’t we?

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Start reminding yourself that you are most likely never going to look like the supermodels we are saturated in everywhere we go. You can however be the person that walks into the local mall and turns everybody’s head. As a society we finally understand that 95% of the images we see are photoshopped. We are therefore becoming less impressed with ad’s and steadily more impressed when a real person walks into a grocery store with a perfect body in seemingly dull clothing.

Keep in mind too that super skinny isn’t hot either. A perfect real body is one that radiates health and strength. Everything in life is really about balance and that includes our diets and exercise habits and how they affect our bodies. Health is the ultimate form of outer and inner beauty. Keep up with your Medifast Diet and go on looking your best even as the weather cools down.

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