Old Habits Diet Hard

day-mo-102Have you ever heard the classic saying “Old Habits Die Hard”? I was thinking about it the other day and was contemplating how I could change my life based on just those four simple words. As I thought about it, inspiration hit me, and I decided to paint a new canvas to hang in my kitchen. My artwork above the stove now reads “Old Habits Diet Hard”.

“Old Habits Diet Hard”? What does that mean?

In the simplest terms, it means exactly the same things as the original quote, which is basically that once you make something into bad habit (or even a good one) it is going to be terribly hard to give up down the road. Habits only take 30 days to form according to most psychological research. This 30 theory becomes dangerous because it also only takes 30 days to form an addiction. So if you were to eat at quick-service restaurants, consume junk food or unhealthy meals for 30 days you run the risk of not only forming an abominable habit but you could also become addicted to the dreadful substances you are putting into your body. In other words, if you have bad old eating habits you probably find dieting to be very hard.

The very first action to take when trying to break old habits, or to recover from an addiction, is to admit the problem. If you can step back, open your eyes and say out loud to yourself “I have horrendous habits regarding what I eat” then you are off to a great start. If you are brave enough, admit that your diet habits are out of control to someone close to you so that they can help you get on and stay on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Second, you will want to make a written inventory of your typical menus and eating patterns. Once you start keeping track, don’t ever stop! These written records can help encourage you if you have a downer day at some point. Sometimes you are not going to necessarily be able to see your progress on a scale or in the mirror. (Especially if you start working out while dieting.) It is extremely important to have a way for you to always be able to SEE your progress in some form so that you do not get discouraged.

Lastly, be careful not to let old habits be an excuse as to why you can’t lose weight. Become determined in body and mind to CHANGE in order to become a better you. Start a Medifast diet, find a friend to be your workout buddy, and keep vigorous track of your progress. Your diet does not have to be hard and always remember that habits are formed and broken by YOU and you alone. You have all of the power over your habits so get out there and take control today!

About the Author

A grandmother and mother of three, Sharon Martin has struggled with her weight and high cholesterol most of her life, until she switched doctors and her new doctor suggested she try Medifast. Her transformation started that day. Through the Medifast diet she not only lost the weight, but her cholesterol dropped to below 200 for the first time in her life. "Medifast not only changed me, I believe it saved me. I will share my story and help others so they can feel as good as I do. It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is, but it was so worth it as I get to see my grandchildren grow up." Sharon is a retired school teacher and lives in upper-state Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves to hear and share stories about how others have made changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives.