Being Too Thin – Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is an eating disorder that causes a person to be dangerously underweight. It’s an obsession to maintain a weight far below what is considered healthy by medical standards. A person with this disease is scared to gain weight, thinks about food constantly and has trouble seeing themselves in an accurate light with regard to their body weight. They may also exercise excessively. At the root though, anorexia is not really about food, but rather a coping mechanism to manage stress…. Read More >

Foods to Eat After Working Out


Whether you are on the Medifast diet or not, one of the biggest questions is what is the right foods to eat after you exercise to get the biggest benefit? It’s time to stop listening to all the rumors and listen to science about what is best for you to eat after working out. There was a small study done at Colorado State University. How small? 16 adults ages 37 to 64 who did practically nothing. Yes, the typical couch… Read More >

Smart Shoppers Aren’t Always Coupon Queens

Saving money online with coupons

This weekend while shopping for a set of silverware and plates at Bed Bath & Beyond, one of the employees gave a nice tip about how to save money when you run out of the 20% off coupons. He said, hold on to the receipt and use coupons retroactively. I confirmed this was true with the lady who swiped my card. (No, you can’t do this on Medifast, sorry.) It’s not about having a photo album full of coupons, or… Read More >

Video Games Leads to Overeating

New Study on Video Games

Video games have taken a lot of heat over the years, but especially lately with the recent mass shootings. They seem to be blamed for much of the problems of today’s youth. It has long been said that kids today are substituting outdoor activities and exercise for video game playing which is one of the causes of childhood obesity. There was a camp of those that played for just an hour or less per day. They still went outside and… Read More >

Antioxidants from Medifast


The Medifast diet is one centered on total body health. As such, antioxidant consumption is strongly recommended as part of your weight loss plan and, really, your life plan. One of the most striking differences between the Medifast diet plan and other fad diets is the strong emphasis on total health. As you build your meal plan, be sure to include the Medifast antioxidant products. Antioxidants are exactly what they sound like: Agents that prevent oxidation. Oxidation, as it relates… Read More >

Daily Fat Intake: Healthy or Hefty?

girl with vegetables and hamburger

Cutting out fats completely is unhealthy and unintelligent. “Fat Free” diets will not necessarily cause you to lose weight and will usually just make you feel weak sick all the time. Good fats contribute to your body in the forms of energy, brain activity, and cell transportation as well as other things we need in order to function. Really the only problem with fat is that like almost everything else we do, we go overboard. The more you get involved in… Read More >

Get Ready for Fall with October Medifast Coupons

Summer fashion

Our October Medifast Coupons are ready to help you stay fit through and after 2014’s fun-in-the-sun is gone. It is easy as summer ends to start skimping on your diet since you start to worry less about wearing skimpy clothes. Don’t fall for the temptation to loosen up your belt, or give into the urge to stress-eat as school and holiday seasons fire up. At the end of the month find your favorite picture of yourself from the summer when… Read More >

The Cost of Cheating on Your Diet


I have a confession to make. Today for lunch I broke my diet. I had no reason to do so other than I saw a sandwich and it happened to look yummy. I caved in and bought one. I had a moment of weakness and didn’t even stop to ask myself, “Jen, what is the cost of cheating on your diet?” My unhealthy “treat” didn’t didn’t taste nearly as good as I expected and I have felt terrible ever since… Read More >

Healthy Snack Ideas – Add Nutrients to Your Diet

Healthy Snack Ideas

The Benefits Of Snacking If you aren’t keeping a mental list of healthy snack ideas, chances are that your diet is lacking in nutrition and that you are struggling with your eating habits in general. The benefits of snacking are numerous. Allow me to explain just how important a good snacking schedule is to your overall health. First and foremost, regular snacking helps prevent overeating at meal times. We’ve all been there. You had a slice of toast for breakfast… Read More >

Busy Lifestyle Eating Habits


We live in a terribly hectic world these days. I don’t know about you, but for me time seems to vanish into thin air right before my eyes. Being so busy all the time has led most of us to form one of two bad habits that come from this type of hurried lifestyle. The first bad habit is: eating on the go. The second bad habit that we tend to develop is that we forget to eat altogether. So how do we… Read More >