Smart Shoppers Aren’t Always Coupon Queens

Saving money online with coupons

Save Money with Coupons

This weekend while shopping for a set of silverware and plates at Bed Bath & Beyond, one of the employees gave a nice tip about how to save money when you run out of the 20% off coupons. He said, hold on to the receipt and use coupons retroactively. I confirmed this was true with the lady who swiped my card. (No, you can’t do this on Medifast, sorry.)

It’s not about having a photo album full of coupons, or a text file full of coupon codes to use online. It’s about being smart. Everyone knows someone who will drive across town to save $0.50 on Diet Coke and Pop Tarts, then drive to the next store to buy the rest of their groceries. But does that really save them any money?

With gas over $3.00 per gallon, and the average car getting roughly 20 miles per gallon, driving 10 miles to a store to buy 6 Diet Cokes for $0.50 less accomplishes nothing. It also wastes time that could be spent cooking something instead of ordering takeout, or washing dishes instead of throwing money away with paper plates.

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When your local farmers market is open, you can get fruit and vegetables at an absolute steal compared to grocery prices. Yet most of the coupon queens will still be found with their buggies full of junk they won’t use or need. Outsmart them and buy veggies from a great local source. You might find the best tomatoes of your life like I did. I can walk away with a week’s worth of food for $40. Try doing that with lean and green meals from a grocery store.

Buying in bulk is an old trick that everyone knows about, or being a member of a Costco or Sams Club. You could also look at joining Amazon Prime and setting up recurring orders on your disposable products like paper towels, cleaning solutions like detergents, personal care products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. The best part is, most of these products can be discounted when you set it up for recurring orders. This means you can get free shipping and discounted products without ever having to touch a book of coupons or drive to multiple stores. That is saving time and money.

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Steven Matthews grew up in a Southern family, food was always a source of comfort and love for him. As a result, much of Steven's family has suffered from weight related health issues. He lost his father due to complications with hypertension. He was only 48. Soon after, Matthew's mother had her right foot amputated due to diabetes. Since then, Steven has worked to create awareness in others on how to avoid these tragic diseases. He still loves good food, and spends a lot of time creating new recipes to continue the tradition of showing love through family meals... without the negative health effects. Steven resides in Buckhead, Georgia, located just outside of Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.