Video Games Leads to Overeating

New Study on Video Games

New Study on Video Games

Video games have taken a lot of heat over the years, but especially lately with the recent mass shootings. They seem to be blamed for much of the problems of today’s youth. It has long been said that kids today are substituting outdoor activities and exercise for video game playing which is one of the causes of childhood obesity.

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There was a camp of those that played for just an hour or less per day. They still went outside and had as much exercise or more than others that didn’t play video games. A study focusing on teen boys comparing those who played video games for just one hour per day versus a group of boys who just sat on the couch doing nothing (no visual stimulus). What is it about playing video games that screws up eating habits?
This was not just your average study, this was a crossover study, where the subjects took part in both segments (playing video games and being “at rest” on the couch). These are the findings of the boys who played video games:
While this was just a small study, the results suggest that playing video games leads to mindless eating. This is the conclusion reached by Bethany Thayer, MS, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (
If your kids, or even you, play video games, it is vital to get into the habit of spending equal amounts of time doing something physically active – preferably outside. The time playing should be limited. That is important as we are seeing more and more studies showing the ill effects of extended game play. For me, I think video games are fun and some games can stimulate your brain in a positive manner.
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