Jacqueline Laurita Drops 50 Pounds With Medifast


We all hear about these uber famous people losing excessive amounts of weight, but never understand exactly how they’ve done it. Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, isn’t shy about the subject, and she’s revealed exactly how she lost over 50 lbs. Last week, Jacqueline celebrated her weight loss success in New York City after reaching her post baby weight loss goal of 50lbs. Jacqueline Laurita took it upon herself to become apart of the Medifast diet… Read More >

“Cheating” on the Medifast Diet – Outcome?


Staying on any diet consistently is tough, not matter how much will power you have. You may ask yourself, “What about ‘cheat days?’” Will the one cheat day derail the previous six days of being faithful? First of all, you should realize that the official line from Medifast is not to stray from the diet if you plan on achieving the best results. With that understood, if you are okay with taking a step back with every two steps you… Read More >

Medifast vs Laxatives: Which is More Effective?


Many people trying to diet lose the patience it takes to do so in a healthy manner. For many people, even risking their life and good health is worth getting down to the their idea of an ideal weight. You might be surprised to learn the extreme measures some dieters go to for losing their body fat fast. Check out these facts about Medifast vs. Laxatives for a closer look at some of these extreme efforts. So why Medifast vs… Read More >

Laurie Brown: My Story


Before I got pregnant I had no concept of what it was to be fat. I had not been a big girl ever in my life,  but after having two beautiful children I gained the usual weight associated with childbearing and then on top of that I started focusing all of my energy into taking care of my kids. I lost track of myself completely as I am sure lots of you new mommies have done as well. I did not… Read More >

The Medifast Diet Works – Don’t Stop!

Don't give up, you can do it.

The Medifast diet works so well and I am the proof. I was so happy with the plan. Especially the fact that I learned how to cook more healthy meals not only for myself but for my family as well. I have more energy now and I look great. Of course my husband was beyond thrilled, but what he appreciated more was that I was taking an active role in my health and that by doing something for me, I… Read More >

Is Medifast a Scam?

Medifast Scam

Advertising for diets sometimes reaches an all-time low. Promises off “miraculous weight loss” practically overnight while still eating pizza, chocolate cake and donuts. Aren’t we smarter than this? Obviously not as Americans buy BILLIONS of these scam-type diets. If you have read any of our articles you have seen a lot of good stuff about Medifast, however there are still those out there who boldly ask the question: “Is Medifast a scam?” So is it remotely true? Read further and… Read More >

July Medifast Coupons Give You Back Your Independence

beautiful woman on the beach

Before we talk about our July Medifast Coupons, lets jump back a bit and talk about your New Years Resolutions regarding weight loss and working out. How are you doing? It is past the half-way point of the year for 2013, so have you stopped to evaluate where you are with your goals? Have you kept your feet planted firmly in the sand or have you let the tides current sweep you away from your healthy lifestyle in the midst… Read More >

Stay Slim in the Sun with June Medifast Coupons!


June Medifast coupons from Medifast Health are here to help you welcome summertime once again into your life! Hopefully you have been with Medifast for a while and you are already nice and trim for your beach and bikini Facebook photo shoot. Don’t lose track of your diet and your healthy lifestyle in all the sweet summer fun! Keep up the good work and stay looking hot all year long! Maybe you haven’t had a change to try a Medifast… Read More >

May Medifast Coupons Help You Prepare for Summer


April showers have come and gone, and May flowers are officially here! This is the last month of Springtime and therefore the last chance you’ll have to get your tummy ready for bikini and beach season. Are you ready for it? Have your diet and exercise habits been blooming and flourishing or are they already wilting in the anticipation of Summer’s heat? Take advantage of our May Medifast coupons today! Our goal is to help you out whether you’ve done good… Read More >

Spring Into A New You with Our April Medifast Coupons

Young woman with grapefruit at home

The season of Spring is officially upon us! The weather is nearly perfect and the outdoors are constantly nagging at us for attention. Is your body ready to get out there and enjoy it? Do you feel confident about yourself when unpacking all of your shorts and tank tops? Or do you dread putting the sweaters away because it will be harder for you to hide your weight? Do bright, pastel colors make you nervous and cause you to crave… Read More >