Jacqueline Laurita Drops 50 Pounds With Medifast

We all hear about these uber famous people losing excessive amounts of weight, but never understand exactly how they’ve done it. Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, isn’t shy about the subject, and she’s revealed exactly how she lost over 50 lbs.

Last week, Jacqueline celebrated her weight loss success in New York City after reaching her post baby weight loss goal of 50lbs.

Jacqueline Laurita took it upon herself to become apart of the Medifast diet program to help her lose the weight she has wanted too since the birth of her son in June 2009. With the help of Medifast and regular exercise, Jacqueline was capable of losing over 50lbs and being back to the weight she was before her pregnancy. Jacqueline stated that in the first two weeks she successfully lost 12lbs.

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After all this successful weight loss Jacqueline shared with Bravo that she was comfortable now in front of the cameras since losing the extra weight and cannot wait to show off her better-than-ever physique during the new season of Real Housewives which resumes later this year on the network. She didn’t choose the worst most popular celebrity fad diet, either.

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