Medifast vs Laxatives: Which is More Effective?

Many people trying to diet lose the patience it takes to do so in a healthy manner. For many people, even risking their life and good health is worth getting down to the their idea of an ideal weight. You might be surprised to learn the extreme measures some dieters go to for losing their body fat fast. Check out these facts about Medifast vs. Laxatives for a closer look at some of these extreme efforts.

So why Medifast vs Laxatives? The largest part of nutrient absorption occurs in the intestines. Laxatives cause a huge and dangerous interference in the absorption process, especially so when someone is taking them in excess as a weight loss tactic. Several intestinal detox cleansers have an even stronger effect in this way when misused. Talking to your physician about the safest ways for healthy fat loss is important to avoid pitfalls like extreme tactics.

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The person using diuretics to lose weight can experience serious problems with their kidneys. Keep in mind the basic purpose of the filter system in the body. Because of the compromise that is placed on kidneys from taking diuretics unnecessarily, the loss of filtering power is also experienced. This is how toxins build up and end up going back into your system. Losing weight in a healthy way allows you to avoid these kinds of troubles.

When thinking about Medifast vs. Laxatives, weigh the pros and cons. Consider the devastating health issues that comes from altering the functioning of your digestive tract. The consequences could be great enough to cost your life. Check out other dangerous methods to lose weight at

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