Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Weight Loss Plan, Drop the Pounds and Maintain a Healthy You Forever With Medifast!

One of the truly unique aspects of the Medifast Plan is the ability for you to pick your plan. Medifast offers six different plans for men, women, teens, diabetics, vegetarians and exercisers. And of course, there’s the standard plan that will typically help you lose weight each week until you reach your target size. There is virtually no one that Medifast can’t help lose weight.

With over 70 different foods and flavors to choose from, you are sure to find foods that you find are delicious, filling and healthy for your new weight loss plan. To add icing to the proverbial cake, the weight loss plan is easy too. It’s not like the other diets you have tried and you will discover that is clear from the very start. There are no calories or fat grams to count, points don’t matter and you can freely eat the carbs that are prepared for you without worry, as they are good carbs. All the guess work is eliminated and you can enjoy everything on the diet plan without worry that it might not be “on the program.”

Medifast Help You Lose Weight

Pick Your Plan and Start Losing Weight Today!

With a rapid weight loss plan, you may be wondering how you will transition once you reach your goal (and don’t worry, you will reach your goal with the healthy and delicious Medifast meals). Medifast is prepared to help you even after you have met your weight loss goals. With a new and complete maintenance program that works to prevent the pounds from creeping back on your body, the Medifast 5 & 1 plan will be phased out and you’ll gradually add back healthy foods you love to your diet. You will increase your caloric intake until you reach your specific requirements for maintaining your new weight. With well-researched principles concerning nutrition and portion controls that will teach you and your body to be satisfied with properly portioned food sizes, you can enjoy your new sleek and slender body for the rest of your life.