Medifast Weight Loss Products

Take Control of Your Health :: Medifast Gives You Choices

Unlike some other diets, Medifast doesn’t expect everyone to eat the same thing. Instead, all Medifast products are nutrition-packed, low glycemic index choices fortified with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for health. With so many choices available, you aren’t likely to get bored any time soon!


Use the products in this group to get a jump-start on your day. You’ll enjoy oatmeal, pancakes, cereal and even eggs while on the Medifast weight loss program.


Not a big fan of breakfast? No problem. In the mood for an icy treat?  Have one of these tasty shakes anytime while keeping your weight loss on track.


Are you most ravenous at mid-day? Don’t worry … Medifast has a great line of stews, soups and chili to satisfy even the strongest food cravings to help you stay on track and continue to lose weight.


When it’s hard to make time for one of your meals, you’ll be prepared if you have these meal replacement bars on hand. Choose from many flavors, all of which taste like a sinful treat!


Snacks are not forbidden on the Medifast plan. In fact, they are vital to your success. Order pretzels, crackers and even cheese puffs for your snack attacks!


Enjoy one of our soft serves, puddings, or even a brownie to keep you nourished and satisfied throughout your day.


Try our special versions of hot cocoa, iced tea and fruit punch for a refreshing surge of nutrition any time of day. Be sure to also pick up a few flavor infusers to add flavor and an extra metabolism boost to your water!


Calorie burners, antioxidants, and digestive health aids are just a sample of the additional products that Medifast has for your success.


Medifast meals are made even more convenient with these travel mugs and shaker jars.  You’ll find a great blender here too – especially created for Medifast shakes.