Medifast Bars

Medifast BarsMedifast knows that your life does not stop for your diet … and why should it? We also know that skipping meals is dangerous to your health and can sidetrack your success on the Medifast program. With a stash of these delicious bars in your purse, office or car, you’ll never miss a meal again! The Medifast Crunch bars are not only delicious, but they are low in calories, total fat and carbs (average of 110 calories and 13 carbs each) so you can substitute them for as many of your daily Medifast meals as you’d like. The Medifast Maintenance bars have a few more calories and carbs and are designed to fill in for meals after you have reached your goal weight. You can use them as a meal replacement in any stage of the program, but for only one meal.

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Staying on-track is easy with Medifast Meal Replacement Bars.