Medifast Answers Your Weight Loss Questions

The diet industry is a billion dollar industry and it can be hard to decipher which programs work and which is hype. The fact that the Medifast diet plan is recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980, is reason enough to see that Medifast is in a league of its own. So now lets get you some Medifast answers to your weight loss questions.

Medifast is basically a meal replacement program. The plan compromises of 5 daily replacement meals with 1 lean and green meal. This is called the 5 & 1 Plan.  Yet when reading reviews most individuals are losing considerable amounts more a week and doing safely with Medifast!

The Medifast diet plan is great for those who have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to shop, prepare and cook several meals a day; hence the name Medifast. Your meals and snacks are delivered right to your own door all of which can be ordered on-line or over the phone for your complete convenience.

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In fact, Medifast has 70 menu choices to choose from that allows you to personalize based on your taste and dietary restrictions, ranging from kosher to lactose-free. Medifast even has a meal plan made specifically for women and their unique dietary needs. Just think about how great all of these options are! You can be dropping pounds on a diet and still eat foods that you like and want to consume!

The good thing about Medifast is that it does not offer itself as a long-term solution. Medifast looks at your goal and works to get you there. With their diet plans, customer service excellence and faith in the Medifast products, you will be thrilled with the results that Medifast can give you. Are you ready to dive into a healthy lifestyle now? You will simply adore how you look and feel after trusting in Medifast.

About the Author

Studying under her father, Amy Wong became an expert in nutritional supplements and using fresh foods to counter every day stress. She is an expert researcher and uses her skills to tear down diet plans to show the pros and the cons. She strives to inform people it isn't that you want to lose weight, it is that you want to feel better. Weight loss will come, but first you have to feel better physically and mentally. "I focus on helping you become a better you. Improving your life, your relationships, your health. That is my goal." Amy is a Seattle native and currently resides in Belmont with her teenage son.