Losing Weight Through a Mindset Diet

If you were to sit down right now and write out a list of reasons why you are overweight and unhealthy, what would be on your list? I know for a long time my list looked something like this:

  • Being fat runs in my family.
  • I do not have time in the day between work and social activities to go to the gym.
  • I don’t have the money to eat healthy.
  • It is easier on my schedule to just pick up fast food or order a pizza.
  • My husband and my kids don’t like it when I cook diet friendly meals.
  • It is awkward to find space and time to workout around my family.

I think most of you would have a very similar list. These are all pretty normal reasons for why we can’t lose the pounds we would like to shed before summertime pool season starts up. When it comes down to it both list are entirely comprised of issues related to our mindset. It is time that we realize this and form a plan to give ourselves a body and mindset diet.

Someone I know recently lost a tremendous amount of weight in a very short period of time through Medifast and his changed outlook on eating. He told me that his secret was that he forced himself to stop looking forward to meals and to recognize what he truly liked. He admitted that, yes, he still liked junk food and sweets, but that his body did not. So when he felt tempted by something yummy he would stop and ask himself “Do I enjoy the temporary taste of this food better than I enjoy looking good and feeling good?” He told me that he had to force himself to look at eating solely as a way to re-fuel his body instead of as a social activity or a treat.

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Now, he has no issues passing up things that could damage his diet and he has even begun to like running or lifting weights better than sitting on the couch watching TV all the time. My friend’s mindset diet has changed his body and his life. His wife was so encouraged by his suddenly renewed energy and happiness that she changed her mindset, started a Medifast diet and has been able to lose all of the weight she gained from carrying their first child. They have both agreed that they will be raising their son in this new “food for nourishment” mindset so that he will never have to say “I am fat, because I like pie.” Their hope is that he will grow up with a healthy mindset about his body and what he puts into it.

About the Author

Stacey Toran is a mother of two and became an advocate for the obese after losing her mother to health complications of being severely overweight. She understands food addiction, and went through one herself following her pregnancies. “I got caught up in the ‘eating for two’ excuse, but the reality was, it was just an excuse. The ‘other one’ was a mere seven pounds. How can that be counted as another person?” Stacey cares deeply about keeping families healthy.. for themselves and for each other. "My goal is to give people the latest information on living a healthy life and passing those traditions on to their families." Toran currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband and two children.