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losing weight is about choices

Losing weight is really a choice – which path will you pick?


Just last year alone more than 50 million Americans went on diets, 50 million! And while this should shock you, but I know it won’t, nearly 95% of those men and women who started dieting a year ago are in no better health today than when they started. One of the biggest problems according to a recent survey is all the distractions and temptations out there – especially in ads on TVs but worst in promotional displays at the grocery store. Some people just can’t say no.
The Trap: Fad diets & restrictive plans. Fad diets come and fad diets go. You have the “all protein” diet or “only cabbage soup” diet, or my favorite the “cookie diet”. The only thing all fad and crash diets have in common: they are nutritionally unsound, and are doomed to fail from the moment you start.  It is a fact that few people can live long-term with so many restrictions on their lifestyle.
Solution: Plan for a new way of life. Transformation is why you are on a diet in the first place. You want to change how you look and how you feel. You want to become healthier, happier, lighter, more energized and aware. Instead of “going on a diet” take the time and figure out what dietary changes you need to make for your new life and how to really care for your body. Instead of trying to eat foods that you don’t like, learn how to make healthy versions of the meals that you do like. This isn’t rocket science, this is just common sense.
The Trap: Lacking focus and a clear goal. Without a specific focus, a definite purpose, most everyone will have trouble staying on the path of their goal. Your brain can’t help you get to where you have no idea what the final destination looks like.

Solution: Be clear about where you are right now and where what to go.  Instead of focusing on the number of pounds you want to drop, instead shoot for a dress size, or fitting back into a certain pair of jeans. That is real progress, not just a number on a scale. You want results not only others can see but you can see too.

The Trap: Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Let me guess…you’re too old for this, you don’t have the time, you are stressed with work, blah, blah, blah. Do you want this or not? It is not going to be easy, but then again, nothing that is worth it ever is. Stop making excuses and start doing!

If you are all about excuses and need a little “kick start” have you considered taking a supplement? Weight control management is often not easy, so why not get some weight loss help, but doing it the right way.

Solution: Focus on the true reward: A better you! If you really want to lose weight take a look inside yourself for the reasons why. That will often overcome all of your excuses-what you really want and why. Simply saying that you want to look good for your high school reunion, while it may make an impact short term, it isn’t going to give you the long lasting drive to keep this lifestyle up. Instead, focus on something that is truly meaningful, such as, you want to be alive to see your children graduate high school. More and more adults are dying from obesity issues BEFORE their kids graduate than every before.

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Connecting with the deeper reasons for transforming you health can be like literally flipping a switch inside of you.  Write your reasons for wanting to lose weight on an index card, and keep it with you throughout the day. The next time you are tempted to cheat or skip a workout, take the card out and read the message again. This will give you strength to stay on course.
The Trap: Constantly weighing yourself. People stress so much about the number on the scale but what they don’t realize is your weight, as measured by a scale, can fluctuate by as much as 2-4 pounds per day due to water intake or otherwise known as water weight. Don’t sabotage your success!

Solution: Step off the scale. Weigh yourself only once a week — preferably on the same day at the same time each week. In the interim, pay attention to how you feel (lighter? more energetic?) and how your clothes fit. Those are far more important.

The Trap: Getting discouraged. If you measure your progress by what hasn’t happened (you’re not thin yet!) rather than what has (your eating habits are getting healthier, your jeans are loose), you are at risk for falling into a  “Void.”

Instead: Invent a game you can win. Forget about pursuing perfection, and focus on making progress. List very specific steps you can take today or this week that move you in the direction of your meaningful and specific goals. Example: “Today I will eat six nutrient-rich, calorie-sparse meals and work out for 30 minutes.”

The big secret to weight-loss success is sustainability. Take joy in your small improvements each day and week — such as your new ways of eating and exercising and the energy, self-confidence and sense of well-being that comes with them. There’s only one real way to fail — and that’s to stop trying.

Source: Bill Phillips, author of the best seller Transformation: The Mindset You Need, The Body You Want, The Life You Deserve (Hay House). He is based in Golden, Colorado.

About the Author

A grandmother and mother of three, Sharon Martin has struggled with her weight and high cholesterol most of her life, until she switched doctors and her new doctor suggested she try Medifast. Her transformation started that day. Through the Medifast diet she not only lost the weight, but her cholesterol dropped to below 200 for the first time in her life. "Medifast not only changed me, I believe it saved me. I will share my story and help others so they can feel as good as I do. It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is, but it was so worth it as I get to see my grandchildren grow up." Sharon is a retired school teacher and lives in upper-state Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves to hear and share stories about how others have made changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives.